The Bvlgari store in the New Doha International Airport reflects the brand concept of simplicity and elegance of the classic Italian style, reviewed in a modern key.  This emphasizes the originality and visibility of the Bulgari brand, which is one of the most important and innovative in the world of jewellery.

The space has been studied to create a fascinating environment in the name of the glamour. The interior design reflects the Italian architecture by the attention to  details, the rigorous selection of exclusive materials, the craft processing and the hospitality of the environment. The materials selection includes marble, metal, fabric and wood enriched by the most sophisticated craft that has evolved throughout the centuries in Italy. 

The Italian Architecture is recognizable in the bold volume of elements, natural and prestigious materials, decorated by champagne and cappuccino silk fabrics. The center of the space is occupied by a circular counter for jewellery and watches, the sushi counter, which allows the clients to circulate, surrounded by jewellery, watches and accessories exhibitors.

The entire interior is a play of contrasting shapes and chromatic patterns, evoking classic Bulgari jewelry design that combines unexpected elements and colour combinations.   The floors are a rich composition of Trani marble (from Southern Italy), Gris Pulpis (from Spain) and Veneziana, an artisanal composite of cement and marble that was originally used to decorate terraces in 19th century Venice.  An onyx 8-pointed star decorates the center of the floor, evoking Bulgari’s first shop in Rome on the Via Condotti, where the universal symbol of balance, harmony and cosmic order appears throughout.  

The walls are finished in an ivory encausto, with an alternating matte and shiny effect. Bulgari has specifically chosen extraordinary images from their historical archives that are appropriate to each of its worldwide boutiques, that are displayed on vertical silk panels.  These communicate Bulgari’s timeless stories and rich heritage to customers.   

The open shop-front facilitates the browsing of travellers of the New Doha International Airport, featuring a window on Italian classical excellence.



Today part of the LVMH Group, Bulgari was founded in Rome in 1884 as a jewelry shop and progressively imposed itself with its magnificent jewelry creations, emblems of Italian excellence. The international success made the Company evolve into its current dimension of a global and diversified player in the luxury market, with a store network in the most exclusive shopping areas worldwide and a portfolio of products and services ranging from jewels and watches to accessories, perfumes and hotel.