“Untitled” by Italian artist Rudolf Stingel

Rudolf Stingel’s work reflects on the passage of time. The artist often invites audiences to interact with his work, extending the artistic process and allowing his artwork to develop as ‘collaborations’. Since the 1980s, Stingel has been interrogating the medium by seeking audience participation in his projects using unlikely materials to question notions of authenticity and hierarchy. Casting and plating graffiti covered insulation panels has become one of Stingel’s acclaimed styles since early 2007. 

His artwork at HIA is a sample of one of his famous large-scale interactive pieces. Stingel covered three surfaces with reflective, aluminium-faced insulation panels, before inviting members of the construction team at HIA to draw on the soft walls at the time of the airport’s construction. The walls were then cast in copper and electroplated with gold, before a number of pieces were selected for permanent display at HIA.

The piece is located in the Arrivals Meet and Greet Hall, towards the bus terminal in the West.