'SMALL LIE' by American Artist KAWS

KAWS is the fourth American artist joining HIA’s Art Programme. Most recently installed at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in the UK, the newly inaugurated SMALL LIE is now located in the North node of HIA, near Concourse E. Reminiscent of a wooden marionette, the sculpture is made from Afrormosia wood, weighing in at 15 tonnes and standing 32 feet tall.

The inspiration behind SMALL LIE comes from the  artist’s relationship to wooden toys growing up and the warm sensation of wood grain. Expanding on this, he created an oversized sculpture that plays with an emotional tension of strength and kindness. SMALL LIE makes the viewer feel small but also want to protect it and console it. It is the first time that one of KAWS’ pieces is exhibited in an airport. The space allows a dialogue with both travelers and the other artworks showcased at HIA. It is a perfect space for SMALL LIE.