'Arctic Nurseries of El Dorado' by British artist Marc Quinn

Marc Quinn’s mesmerising artwork “The Nurseries of El Dorado” is a representation of an almost mythical world, comprising of a number of bronze sculptures. 

In this enlarged bronze sculpture, a flower hybrid is created using elements taken from different plants. British artist Quinn assumed a distinct interest in flowers as a subject since 2000. Forms of orchids are repeatedly collaged together in his largescale work, which link back to the artist’s interest in DNA and genetic manipulation.

Although the work is cast in heavy bronze, it is coated with a white pigment, that manages to cultivate an ethereal quality and produces a delicate and fresh effect - comparable to the look of porcelain. The flower is also representational of the nature of culture and economic affairs. It’s a representation of globalization and the potential to fly flowers in from all over the world in a day.

The piece is located at the departures hall, just before passport control.