"A message of peace to the world" by Iraqi artist Ahmed Al Bahrani

Designed by Iraqi artist Ahmed Al Bahrani, ‘A message of peace to the world’, is located at the Passenger Train's South Node station. Through this unique piece of art, Al Bahrani, living in Doha since 1999, wanted to honour the work of Reach out to Asia (ROTA), a non-profit organization based in Qatar that supports primary and secondary education in underprivileged countries throughout Asia. To recognise ROTA’s efforts and achievements, Al Bahrani has created a sculpture in the shape of a cube that symbolises ROTA’s logo. The logo represents a formula designed to highlight how investment in economic security and education equates to the well-being of children. Al Bahrani has incorporated the logo into a cube shaped sculpture, such that its surfaces represent the iconographic elements that stand for ROTA’s mission, with the sun, symbolising hope and happiness, radiating from the top of the cube.