Is there a meet & greet service at HIA?

Yes, Al Maha offers a range of personalised services to make your journey smoother and more enjoyable. A variety of packages are available. Please see here for more information.

Where can I collect my oversized baggage or animals?

Oversized items will be delivered via special conveyor belts in the baggage claim area. Please see here for more information.  If you’re travelling with animals, an airline representative in the baggage claim area will deliver your pet to you in person. Please contact the Airline Baggage Service office near Belt 1 (map) if you need any assistance.

Do you offer baggage trolleys and porter services?

Yes, baggage trolleys are provided free of charge. If you need help with your baggage then porters are available for a fixed fee.

Are there any items that I can’t bring into Qatar?

Yes, there are several prohibited items that you won’t be allowed to bring into Qatar.These will be confiscated and you won’t be able to retrieve them at any time. 

•    Weapons, firearms and ammunition
•    Alcoholic beverages
•    Pork products
•    Narcotic drugs
At Customs please select the Red Channel if you have “Something to declare”.
  • Alcoholic beverages (cannot be imported under any condition)
  • Exceeding permitted limits of foreign currency, jewellery and precious stones
  • Transporting prohibited and restricted weapons and firearms
  • In possession of illicit material
  • Carrying more than 400 cigarettes
  • In possession of personal items and gifts whose value exceeds QAR 3,000 (USD 825)
Can I get a visa on arrival in Qatar?

Yes, you may be eligible for a visit visa on arrival depending on your nationality and other factors. Please see here for more information.