Hamad International Airport COVID-19 Measures


Sanitization and Disinfection


Hand Sanitizers

265 Hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed strategically around the terminal for passengers to use.


Passenger Touchpoints 

All passenger touchpoints are sanitized regularly and all gates and bus gate counters are cleaned after each flight. The airport also conducts regular disinfection of all baggage trolleys and tubs.


Luggage Disinfection

The airport implemented UV disinfection tunnels to disinfect all arriving passenger luggage.


Mobile Disinfection Robots

The robots are fully autonomous mobile devices, emitting concentrated UV light that eliminates the majority of infectious microorganisms.


Physical Distancing


Queuing Barrier

Queuing barriers have been erected at check-in areas and boarding gates with barrier stickers placed every 1.5 meters to ensure that physical distancing is maintained throughout the journey.


Floor Stickers

The airport implemented 3558 physical distancing stickers across all passenger touchpoints around the airport to remind passengers to keep distance.


Plexiglas Shields

The airport has installed 258 shields made of Plexiglas to minimize the risk between passenger and staff interactions.



Distance seating measures around the terminal encourages passengers to maintain a safe distance.


Thermal Screening


Smart Screening Helmets

Wearable intelligent helmets that are portable, safe, and effective in enabling contactless temperature measurement. The technology allows staff to measure the temperature of staff and passengers throughout the terminal.


Thermal Screening Cameras

There are 38 thermal screening cameras placed strategically at entry points around the terminal, such as boarding gates for disembarking passengers, departure hall and staff entrances.


Contactless Technologies



Advanced Carry-on Luggage Screening

Reduces possible cross-contamination among passenger carry-on bags and limit human contact at the security checkpoints by allowing passengers to keep their electronic devices in their carry-ons.


Contactless Payment

HIA’s retail and food and beverage outlets encourage contactless and cashless transactions through cards at the terminal.


Contactless Elevators

Elevators with motion sensors are being installed throughout the terminal. The contactless elevator technology allows passengers to call the elevator and choose their desired floor number by waving their hands in front of the sensor, without touching any buttons.


Hygiene Protocols


Mandatory Masks

Wearing Masks is mandatory throughout the terminal.


Airport Entry

Entry into the airport terminal is only allowed for staff and passengers with a valid flight booking.