One of the world’s most advanced cargo terminals

World Class Cargo Facilities at Hamad International Airport

Five Star Services are not just for Passengers

At the forefront of global cargo innovations is the new facility at HIA that commenced its operations on 1 December, 2013. Boasting one of the most sophisticated cargo terminals in the industry, HIA is a platform for the expanding global freight business, enabling Qatar Airways Cargo to provide seamless and efficient services to customers and cargo carriers around the world. The new cargo handling facility promises to set new standards of service and quality not only to the Gulf region, but the wider world.

Located in the midfield area, HIA´s cargo terminal has a capacity to process 1.4 million tonnes of cargo per year. The two-floor cargo facility incorporates warehouse spaces, Automated Systems / Retrieval Systems mezzanine, offices and shops. The split-level facility covers 55,000 square metres, boasting 11 wide-body Freighter aircraft stands and 42 Airside loading docks. Additionally, 31 landside truck-loading facilities will enable the swift and efficient transfer of cargo in and out of Qatar. With advanced scanning technology it will ensure the complete safety and security of the facility, its staff and cargo.

Innovative Services

As an industry leader, Qatar Airways Cargo offers the fastest global aircraft transfer at Doha through its Quick Ramp Transfer (QRT) solution. It is the only carrier in the Middle East to offer refrigerated or ‘reefer’ truck services for ramp transfers at its home hub. Sensitive commodities are collected from and delivered directly to the aircraft by specialised temperature controlled vehicles, in an effort to ensure the cool chain process is seamless, thereby eliminating risk to temperature exposure.

The recently introduced solution for pharmaceuticals - QR Pharma and perishables - QR Fresh will add to the substantial range of cargo solutions already available. The new facility will further enhance capacity and flexibility to effectively move sensitive commodities, in line with the highest world-class standards.

A Flexible Facility for a Growing Market

The new facility is designed to cope with future growth and its ambitious plans aim to increase overall cargo capacity by 75 per cent. The new system will be capable of simultaneously handling 5,700 shipments and up to 1.4 million tonnes of cargo annually. This will then increase to 2.8 million upon completion of second terminal.

Restful and Relaxing Journey for Animals

The live animal centre spans over 4,200 square metres and provides temporary accommodation and inspection of live large and small animals, such as horses, camels, dogs, cats, fish and fowl.

The facility includes veterinary inspections, a paddock for horses to exercise and much more. The centre provides the animals with a stress-free journey where they are able to rest and relax before and after the flight, under specialist supervision. In addition, the new facility will enable stop-over services for horses on scheduled services.

Seamless Cool Chain

The cold chain can be described as "the seamless movement of fresh, chilled or frozen products, from the production area to the market, through various storage and transport mediums, without any change in the optimum storage temperature and relative humidity".

The Doha Cargo hub operates in accordance to the highest Pharmaceutical Industry Standards. Compliant with ‘Good Distribution Practice’ (GDP), it offers quality assurance that ensures shipments are consistently stored, transported and handled under suitable conditions as required by the product specification. Our Climate Control team proactively monitor your pharmaceutical and perishable shipments from end to end, to ensure the cool chain process is seamless.

Main features at the Hub are the Quick Ramp Transfer (QRT) transportation between ramp and warehouse with temperature controlled vehicles that provide protection from extreme conditions during transportation, temperature controlled handling and storage at the HIA cargo terminal in the appropriate temperature zone and 64 temperature-controlled positions for units requiring refrigeration.

Please visit Qatar Airways Cargo website for more information.